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Sales Concept
NaturaGart is not a mail-order company. Rather, it is a manufacturing company with a direct sales organisation.
The largest proportion of turnover is made with products that are either manufactured by NaturaGart itself or that our suppliers make for us exclusively. As far as is technically possible, many of these products are branded as 'NaturaGart Product'.
The fleeces are branded 'NaturaGart'

'NaturaGart' is impressed on the liners

Filters are inscribed with 'NaturaGart'
Seeds are packaged at NaturaGart
Top quality pressure hoses are manufactured for NaturaGart
Aside from the products, the sales method is unique:
NaturaGart does not buy brochures from catalogue editors, but produces its catalogues in-house. This includes a number of books and the many construction manuals. No competitor gives their clients such detailed information. The direct contact to the clients requires a higher level of service than normal mail-order; but this way we ensure that all information reaches the decision makers.
Informative, like a magazine, with lots of helpful background information: The NaturaGart catalogues
Unmistakably thorough: More than 600 pages of detailed construction manuals and planning ideas

Very few have this level of insight about technology and the biological foundations.
And not one competitor has such a large and close to real-life field laboratory as NaturaGart has with the park.
Some competitors have tried to copy components and systems, but not one has had success in achieveing anything close to the number of differentiating features NaturaGart has.

Technology: Well thought out constructs become new products
Hands-on: Day to day contact brings us close to nature and promotes safe technologies!
Seemingly simple solutions often fail in practice. The NaturaGart technicians test everything in the park before it is adopted.
The park as an open air field laboratory: This is where, among others, NaturaGart filter technology was developed.
Endurance test for piers. 500,000 visitors walking back and forth. That makes 2 Million treads. This is how we learn.
Many products are manufactured at the Ibbenbüren site, such as the aluminium supports for the leaf barriers.
Newly developed materials turn liner ponds into hard, resilient shells.
Practical experience leads to development of things such as the NaturaGart coarse filters.