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Pond Gallery Viewed 1.000.000 Times

The Gallery contains many photos of NaturaGart pond building projects. However, beware: we do not 'censor' the gallery. Don't copy everything you see there. We view some of the depicted constructions critically.

Busy High Season
We are receiving nearly 3000 new visitors on the NaturaGart web pages.
This inevitably leads to bottlenecks.
In order to maintain our high level of service, we have devised alternative paths and installed a telephone hotline. If you are experiencing difficulties reaching us, and especially our ponds department, please click here.

New: Pond Windows
After years of development we finally have a window profile that will reliably bond liner and glass. Read more on page 66 of our catalogue.

Catalogue 2009
The catalogue has been sent out to our customers in Germany. Our friends abroad, however, will have to wait a while due to (yet more) changes in shipping procedures. If you would like to browse the catalogue on-line, please click --> here 

Please note that the catalogue is currently only available in German.

NaturaGart Shop Certified
Changeover of the shop to the new platform is mostly completed. Contents revision will take place over the next few months.
The organisation 'Trusted Shops' issues certificates to reputable suppliers who fulfill all their criteria. The NaturaGart Shop has passed this examination. (11.8.2008)

Part of the algae lie on the terrace, others form a floating foam on the surface.

Flaky, Floating Algae
are a problem in many ponds right now. They develop on the sediment and often form a closed layer. These algae produce such a surplus of oxygen, that gas bubbles form. These bubbles get caught in the algaes' filaments, ripping off whole mats which will then rise to the surface.Many filtration systems cannot handle this load. The NaturaGart Filters can easily be adapted to this exceptional situation: we recommend a set of foam inserts consisting of one very coarse green insert and 2 coarse black ones (Item no. 35210). Until the situation is resolved, one red and two blue foam inserts should be removed. (5.6.2008)

Optimal shore design with the NaturaGart shore mats
Planting Tests in The Park As in other years, we shall be test-planting different species for suitability with our shore mats.The creeping mazu flowering beautifully right now. (4.5.2008)

New Shop Nearly Finished We were among the first companies to have an Internet-Shop. At one point this couldn't grow any further, so that we are setting up a new system. Since this is closely integrated with our resource planning system, it'll take a few more days to complete. (15.3.2008)

Pump Servicing As all manufacturers indicate in their manuals: pumps have to be descaled once in a while. Calcium build-up in the pump can begin at 18,75 British Degrees, even without cement constructions. The rotor will then abrade itself against the scale. This is faulty maintenance and is not covered by the warranty! Scaling in a pump is easy to detect from the outside. A night in a bath of acid solution and the pump will be like new. (10.3.2008)

NaturaGart-Catalogue 2008: Your source of detailed information

New Catalogue Dispatched
In the first days of March we dispatched about 70.000 copies of our new catalogue. Neighbouring countries will follow a bit later. We have added 16 pager for a total of 164. Edition: 155.000. You can request your free copy -> here

- download PDF -> here (10.3.2008)

Reduced Service Until 7.1.2008  Because in Winter we can't do much for our customers, we will be working on a skeleton schedule. (24.12.2007)

Our technicians help with the difficult parts. Your own pond in a few days.
NaturaGart Construction-Site Service
Due to high demand we are amplifying our construction site service. On request a NaturaGart service technician will lay fleece and liner and install the filtration. Helpers at the building site will be supervised by our service technician. For a 150m² pond 2-4 days are normally more than sufficient. If you are interested, do no hesitate to ask for an estimate. (12.10.2007)

NaturaGart-Catalogue 2007: Your source of detailed information
New Catalogue by End February
Until then the current catalogue remains valid. Because of the amount of information it now has 148 pages. Edition is 155.000 copies. Request your free copy ->      here

A unique atmosphere: NaturaGart-Classica
Pavilions Constructed
Our new product line - constructed in wood - can be seen at the park. We have been supplying glass-aluminium Pavilions for about 20 years. Since aluminium doesn't corrode it is virtually maintenance free. Wood, on the other hand, needs regular treatment. However, the material allows for beautiful, romantic shapes.

A dream: NaturaGart Romantica
The varied Pavilions are not in some hall in an industrial area, but in our pond landscape; some of them on piers. These are ideal design examples for your home garden.

Flow diagram of the 12 Volt pump
12 Volt Pumps
99% of all pond pumps used are potentially dangerous, and it is essential they be disconnected from the mains before touching the water. Since most pumps are safely installed and in practice hardly no accidents occur this is generally not perceived to be a problem.
One alternative, the construction of a separate pump well, seems excessive for small ponds.
We now offer two 12 Volt pumps that conform to safety standards, of which, however, only the larger model is suitable for filtration service.

The flowers' beauty becomes a layer of dirt on the pond surface
Lots of Pollen
The very dry weather is causing a lot of pollen and petals to be introduced everywhere. These can easily be removed with a skimmer. The biggest problem is the wind: if pollen on the water's surface drifts to the wrong end of the pond, even the strongest pump is useless.

Skimmers clean the surface
Floating skimmers are a good solution. If you have installed the NaturaGart Target Suction Technology, they can be easily connected to it. Otherwise a separate pump is necessary. The small skimmer can be operated with the small 12 Volt pump. The large skimmer requires the larger 12 Volt pump model.

Ponds and Plants in The NaturaGart Park

New Construction Site: Lookout over the Lake
The 22m long building is located on the shore of a lake in the Water Wilderness. Right now the foundations are being built. The building is part of NaturaGart's 'Contact with Nature' programme. Kingfishers, dabchicks and other aquatic birds can be observed from here. Grey geese, canada geese and nile geese, among others, have nested here this year.(8.9.2009)

Aquarium Shell Finished
The shell of this 50m long and 30m wide building was finished in just 10 weeks. The modular construction is also the base for NaturaGart's underwater window building service: If required we not only supply the window, but a complete standard module and a building application.
5 large external basins and several small basins are planed.(21.8.2009)

Laying the Composite Mat
Today we started to drench the composite mat of our new show-swimming-pond with mortar at a rate of about 100m² per hour. The liner for the swimming pond was laid last year. Construction was paralysed, however, due to high ground water levels and an extremely busy high season. Becasue of the large area of 500m² we used a fettling machine for this job.(10.6.2009)

Progress at the Aquarium
Half of the building's walls have been erected and one begins to see what it will look like. (7.6.2009)

New Construction Site:
Garden pond-aquarium During the next a ring shaped installation, about 50m long and 30m wide, will be built. A number of ponds will have underwater windows to allow views of their interior, and a number of smaller aquariums with typical pond animals will be added, too. At this moment the foundations are being laid.
Spring bloom at its peak
Colourful Springtime 2009
After thousands of daffodils have already faded, now the tulips are beginning to bloom in the NaturaGart Park. In total, about 300,000 bulbs flower in Spring. (19.4.2009)

Holiday atmosphere: The arcades underneath the 1,500m² glass roof are nearly finished
Final Sprint
The long winter hampered outside construction, especially on the paths and the parking lot. Inside the buildings work should be finished by the end of April, which will create another 400 seats. (28.3.2009)

Construction Delayed
The long ice period has delayed various construction sites in the park for over a month. This affects mainly the parking lot, which has now been subdivided into construction phases. As the number of visitors grows we shall be arranging for alternative parking space. Please look out for the corresponding notices.

Park Closed Due to Snow and Ice
In the snow visitors may not be able to distinguish paths, flower beds or even thin ice. It is close to impossible to clear all piers and paths to make them safe. For this reason the park will remain closed due to ice and snow. Administration is only minimally staffed. We shall being work again on 12.1.(1.1.2009)

The Ponds Are Covered
If you want to see ponds, you will have to come back as from mid November. Until then they are hidden beneath the leaf barriers. (2.11.2008)   
1.5 Tons of Liner in 50 Minutes
This is how long it took to unroll the package with 750m² of pond liner. The 1.4mm thick liner was laid down in one piece in our new sample pond. The filtering trenches will be sealed with separate liner segments.(14.10.2008)

Large Swimming Pond
Right next to the old estate's main building a new sample installation is being built. The pond will be about 40m long. Including the filtering trenches, about 1000m² of liner will be used. The pond will also become home to large fish - a new underwater observation chamber will be built here, too. (13.10.2008)

This meadow flowers for months
Another Beautiful Spring Bloom
The flowering meadow was a special attraction this year. Starting with the early crocuses (see below) the meadow has been in bloom for over 2 months. (4.5.2008)

Early Spring Bloom
The first daffodils started flowering around Christmas. The early varieties are now in full bloom. The established stock of wild tulips is also in flower, whereas the newly planted ones are expected a bit later. 10.3.2008)

Meeting Point: Dive Centre
Thanks to the mild winter, construction is coming along nicely. The shells of the arcades (bottom right) are finished and a steel frame is being constructed above the building complex. A new patio with an 11m high glass roof is being built where the crane now stands. To the left, among others, a 3D-cinema for nature films. (18.01.2008)

Closed Due to Snow and Ice
In the snow many visitors can't distinguish the paths and walk right across the flower beds, and ice increases the risk of accidents on the piers. We will therefore close the park. (24.12.2007)

The diver looks small next to the 2m long fish
6 Types of Sturgeons Now in The Park.
Non-divers can now observe two of the large "great" White Sturgeons in the aquarium pond. At the moment they are still a bit shy and remain in the back part of the 300m³ pond.
White Sturgeons live for over 100 years, grow up to 6m in size and weigh 600 kilos. In the foreground a 30cm long Starry Sturgeon

Apart from the White Sturgeons we now have Siberian Sturgeons, Diamond Sturgeons, Starry Sturgeons, Spoonbills and Sterlets. (9.12.2007)

On these water routes the Spree-Forest like landscape can be visited
Boating Route through the Water Wilderness
The newly built water wilderness is being extended by another 15,000m². Accordingly, the navigational routes for boating tours are being adapted. (12.10.2007)

180 m² Liner - this corresponds to a type-3 swimming pond
Show Swimming Pond
A 12m long swimming pond is ready to be filled. This is a size which can be achieved on many properties. It further comprises a filtering trench, a small island and a short stream. (29.9.2007)

Arcade Cave Nearly Ready
Many visitors wonder what a diver sees under water. We have built a cave passage so that non-divers can experience this. The cave has views over the underwater arcade landscape. Finishing touches are being applied right now.

In the 3rd week of April the park was a sea of flowers
Impressive Once Again
Spring bloom reached its peak in the third week of April. Unfortunately, the flowering period was cut short by the high temperatures.

Streams of flowers flow through the park
Spring Bloom in the NaturaGart park with more than 350,000 tulips, daffodils, etc. Such glory is seldom seen even in national garden shows.

An interesting path
Gorge Completed
The Gorge is an interesting construction that is spanned by a bridge. Visitors can choose between walking on a paved path or the stepping stones in the stream.

Pier and bridge before a waterfall
Pond with Pier
This pond with its pier has been newly built. A small bridge leads to a paved surface. This is a cul-de-sac because we will be placing restaurant chairs and tables there. From here visitors have the best view to the high waterfall.

Waterfalls: always fascinating
2 New Large Waterfalls
Two 3-4m high cascades have been built around the gorge area. They have been made with piles of huge rocks and make this one of the most interesting spots in the park.

The kingfishers made it through the winter nicely
Kingfishers Hatching Again
Our 'locals' are back at their old spot. The Greylag geese have left the area and the Canada geese fight off passers through.

Wandering Sturgeon
One of our sturgeons is trying to swim up the 'rapids' around one of the waterfalls. This can go on for weeks. To prevent it from injuring itself, we have installed some liner around the area.

Guided tours begin at the diving base and end at the future seminar building
Guided Tours on Sundays
Usually, the underwater park can only be seen from the diving base. We now offer the possibility to visit these closed areas on Sundays at 2.30pm, 3.30pm and 4.30pm. The tour lasts for about 20 minutes and is free for park visitors.

These tours cannot take place while it rains or after heavy rainfalls.



The NaturaGart Underwater Park

Diving Season Ends on November 8th, 2009.
The Park will be closed on the following dates: 26.10.,28.10, 2.11, 3.11.,5.11.    

We Will Not Tolerate Fish Torturers
In view of the occasion we repeat: Touching, chasing or feeding the sturgeons will lead to a lifetime ban. And not only for the culprit but also for their dive partners who didn't prevent this behaviour. Please see the registration forms. (7.10.2009)

Night Dive on October 3rd, 2009
Begins: 7.30pm   (21.9.2009)

Closed on September 30th, 2009
No diving on this day. Everything else works normally. (21.9.2009)

Rare Freshwater Jellyfish
Only few bodies of water in Northrhine-Westfalia have been found to contain these 1-2cm jellyfish. Several hundred of them were now discovered in caves and the Temple of the Scuba Diving Park. These small, transparent creatures like the areas under the holes in the ceiling where sunlight falls into the caves. More images can be found in the Underwater Park Photo Galleries.  (28.7.2009)

2009 Dive Centre Opening
The long winter causes problems for many lakes. In many places visibility is around 10 - 50cm. Thanks to our filtration system visibility in the Underwater Park is now around 3m and rising.
The latest visibility information -- is here.

Most submarines can be remotely controlled down to 5m depth without problems. Some go down to 400m.
About 300 Model Submarines
dive in German waters - often only in swimming pools, though, because visibility in lakes is insufficient. Textbook author Carsten Heintze knows the scene very well. He is currently making a film about the uses of these incredibly agile devices which are becoming comparable to underwater robots. Today his location was the caves of the Underwater Park. The meeting is to be repeated on a larger scale. (28.3.2009)

Season Will Not Begin Until End of April
Water temperatures are around 6ºC and the sturgeons are still rather inactive. On top of that, the ice has prevented the sediment from being vacuumed. Many service divers are currently busy with this task. If you want to join the service team, please contact the diving centre's supervisor, Robert Höfer (Tel.: 05451/5934-611). (28.3.2009)

First Aid Course
At season start, the latest findings of Thomas Kromp, Chief Instructor of the sports diving association International Aquanautics Club will be explained. 30 NaturaGart employees and the diving centre's team will be participating. Safety is an important part of our company philosophy: in order to be able to regularly train, we have purchased our own 'Little Anne' on which to exercise heart-lung reanimation. A defibrillator helps with heart attacks. Apart from the 'real thing' NaturaGart now owns a special training device.

The crew at the NaturaGart Booth: Robert Höfer, director of the diving base (right), Matthias Mausolf from the NaturaGart Customer Service Department (left), service divers Frank Witte and Stefanie Krohn.
NaturaGart at the "BOAT" Show.
As in previous years NaturaGart is present at the world's largest sports diving trade fair. Our booth attracts an exceptionally large number of visitors. A new feature is a model of the underwater landscape. We can be found in hall 3 C 20 at the joint booth with BARAKUDA diving centres. (19.1.2009)

Well protected under the starry sky: Party at the NaturaGart diving center.
Big Cleanup Day at the Diving Park
Nearly 100 divers from all over the country have removed the fine dirt from the rocks during a mega cleanup party. Service divers and our filtration system will take care of the sediments deposited on the ground.
Most divers dive purely for fun so that it was a new experience for them to actually work while doing so. This prospect attracted divers from far off areas, also because NaturaGart combined the event with a diving party. Find out more --> here.

New Maps of the Diving Park
Current maps were made during the planning phase. The new ones are based on precise surveys.
Find different versions --> here

Diving Season Ends on November 3rd 2008
As planned, we will be closing on Monday. Water temperature is 11ºC and the number of divers has drastically gone down. (2.11.2008)

Nighttime Diving on October 24th 2008
Starts at 7:00pm. Surcharge is 10 Euros.

80 diving kids from around Amsterdam had an unforgettable experience: With visibilities up to 10m they could observe huge sturgeons and dense schools of fish. The young Scuba Rangers were perfectly organised: 40 assistants and additional safety divers guarded the cave entrances to make sure the children would always be on the safe side. (12.10.2008)

Nighttime Diving on September 27th 2008
Starts at 8:00pm. Surcharge is 10 Euros.

Ample room for events underneath the 1,500m² glass roof
Nighttime indoor diving was not much fun last year: from rainy, windy and cold shore. Now that the diving center is nearly finished, the water can be entered straight from the protected glass house. (29.8.2008)

At night everything looks different under water: A job for experienced divers
You Have to Sign In! Another nighttime immersion is planned for end September. Regular immersions also require registration. Especially during weekend mornings things get very busy. (29.8.2008)

Visibility reaches 8m
Proliferation of algae, caused by the introduction of 8,000m³ of ground water has been taken care of by the NaturaGart filters. Up to date (German only) information about visibility can be found --> here. (19.8.2008)

NaturaGart on TV!

The WDR will emit a rerun of the August 17th feature. (13.8.2008)

Andrea Budke (ZDF) and Svenja Dierker (Schlossallee Magazine) on their way to a worldwide unique 'party' with large sturgeons. Diving instructor Robert Höfer makes sure everything is safe.

NaturaGart on ZDF on August 15th
TV programme 'Volle Kanne' will emit a 5 minute feature between 9:00 and 10:30am. Topic: First time under water - experiences of a scuba beginner. (13.8.2008)

NaturaGart on WDR on August 17th
On Sunday, as from 3:25pm, the programme 'SCHÖN HIER' will show a short feature about discover scuba diving at the NaturaGart diving park.

NaturaGart on ZDF on August 18th
On Monday ZDF will probably show a brief report about the NaturaGart diving park in their programme WISO. (8.8.2008)

Beluga Sturgeons in the Park
These newcomers are nearly 2m long and weigh in at around 40 kilos. These fish, also called European Sturgeon, were often found in the river Danube. They can reach sizes of 6 to 8m and weigh  over 1,000 kilos. Two of these fish live in the underwater park and another swims in front of the windows of the pond-aquarium. (23.7.2008)

Discover Scuba Diving
We regularly take scuba beginners into the lake. A new brochure (currently in German only) with frequently asked questions can be found here. (23.7.2008)

Nighttime diving on August 23rd.
Further immersions planned for September and October. (23.7.2008)

NaturaGart on NDR on July 19th
On Saturday 19th of July, as from 6:45pm, NDR will show a report about the NaturaGart Scuba Park in their Programme DAS! Various Channels are currently preparing reports on the Scuba Park. We will be publishing broadcasting dates here as soon as they become become available.(16.7.2008)

Day Tickets
In order to evenly distribute visitors, we have introduced day tickets for diving without time limits. The tickets cost 25 Euros from Monday to Friday and 35 Euros on weekends. Prices for single immersions remain unchanged. (16.7.2008)

Visibility Improves Daily
Now that refilling and construction have been finalised the situation is getting stable again. From the shore visibility is around 3-4m. At a depth of 7m visibility depends on sunlight and lies between 1,5 and 3m. Inside the caves visibility is back to 6m (10.7.2008)

Limited Diving Possible
Water temperatures have risen above 25ºC in places. This leads to very variable visibility: yesterday 3m, today barley 1,5-2m. We will allow diving if the holidays were planned around them. Below 4m most have such orientation problems that we advise against it. (2.7.2008)

Diving Possible
Inflow has been reduced and planting is largely finished. Visibility is not optimal yet, but acceptable for many at 3m. (1.7.2008)

Diving Interrupted
Refilling at a rate of 700m³ per day as well as planting have caused visibility to fall to 1-2m. Diving will therefore not be possible until further notice. (14.6.2008)

Aktuelles Luftfoto, inzwischen steigt das Wasser wieder. Unten im Bild die 50 m lange Glas-Konstruktion.

Another Emergency Exit
Originally, the navigational route was planned above the double cave. For safety reasons the emergency exit had to be placed laterally. Because of changes in the boating routes, we can now build an optimal emergency exit - meanwhile we are damming up again. (5.6.2008)

Unforgettable Dive
Jens and Karolin had registered for a seemingly normal dive in the Underwater Park at Dörenthe. In 6m depth, the, before the statue of the mighty Pharaoh, came the surprise: Jens propositioned Karolin, who instead of saying 'yes' blew a few extra bubbles and made the diver's sign for OK. Pre- marriage witnesses of this unique event were scuba divers Frank Witte and 35 up to 2m long sturgeons, who were circling the couple on temple courtyard. (17.5.2008)

The palm trees are still missing, but the surface of the diving base is ready as planned.

Season Begins on May 1st 2008
The surface for the diving centre is largely finished. Furnishings will follow over the next few weeks. The diving base is paved to the water entry point. Sanitary installations are finished, 6 showers will follow by the end of March. Water level is still as last year, but is slowly climbing to normal.
Due to the warm weather, visibility has decreased to 5-10m over the past few days. (25.4.2008)
Up to date information (currently German only) about visibility in the NaturaGart Park can be found here.

Season Start Tiptoes Closer
Due to delays caused by strong rainfalls, we will not be opening before mid April. Next week the base will be connected to our own transformer station and natural gas supply. Once that has been done we can finish the road surface of the new drive to the base to bring in the paving. We'll report when things can kick off again. (10.3.2008)

Removal of Sediments Advancing Well
As opposed to last year, most walls have been brushed off and a lot of sediment has been vacuumed. Pumps and filters, working throughout the winter, have helped achieve visibilities of 10-15m. Next week the last gaps in the dams will be closed and the last metre will be filled. (10.3.2008)

Dive Centre Nearly Finished
The final spurt for season start in April has begun. The glass house is nearly finished. We are now preparing paving work inside and outside. (10.3.2008)

Scuba Park At the BOAT Show
In Hall 3, booth C20, as the year before.

Final Spurt In the Dive Centre
The new entry area is finished and the glass roof is being installed. By season start toward the beginning of April most provisional measures should be over. (18.01.2008)

Winter Break
Answering (snail)mail and e-mails can suffer delays, because only a skeleton crew is currently at work. (24.12.2007)

This 2m long fish weighs more than 40 kilos. 2-3 men are needed to hold this strong animal.
New: Huge Sturgeons
Two White sturgeons now live in the scuba park. Only their bellies are really white, their backs sport an interesting speckle pattern. The two are close to 2m long and weigh about 40 kilos. Another 10 White sturgeons have moved from the pond aquarium to the scuba park, so that divers can now observe a total of 35 sturgeons.(9.12.2007)

Season End: October 28th 2007
Like last year, the scuba park closes for the winter and will re-open in April. (29.9.2007)

Report on TV on October 27th 2007
NDR will show a report on the Halloween diving at the park in their programme DAS TAUCHT. (29.9.2007)

Great visibility of 8-10m in open water and 15-20m in the caves. The NaturaGart filtration systems have all but eliminated sediment from the lake. The result is visibility far above what is normal for fresh water bodies.  (14.10.2007)
Information (currently German only) about current visibility in the NaturaGart scuba park can be found here.

Large parts of the 300m² temple roof are used for filtration
Every day we pump 8,000m³ of water over the NaturaGart filter inserts which have been laid on top of the cave and temple roofs. Final filtration will be reached when the desired water level has been achieved.
Information about current visibility in the NaturaGart scuba park can be found here.

Test run: NDR reports on the event (see above)
Mist creeps across the lake for the Halloween night dive, a skeleton sits at the wheel of the wreck...
If you would like to enjoy a different kind of diving experience, come to the NaturaGart Scuba Park on October 27th/28th. For 15 Euros you can dive, get a midnight snack and hot drinks. Begins at 7:00pm.
Due to the limited number of places, registration is obligatory.
For scuba divers with AOWD or higher. (29.9.2007)

Short videos on-line
You can download three short clips about:
- Diving with the sturgeons
- Temple diving
- Cave diving

Night Diving 2007
Please note the following dates: October 13th and 27th/28th. Minimum required number of participants is 30.

Experience a completely different world
Discover Scuba Diving
This is an ideal present for those who have always wanted to try it. A diving instructor will give a short briefing. We provide all equipment and accompany the diver for 30-40 minutes (depending on air consumption). The event will last for about 3 hours and costs are 89 Euros.

Water Park Magazine
In time for the Boat-Show we have finished a special edition which deals exclusively with the scuba park. The 16-page issue can be
- read on-line as JPG for
  quick browsing -> here
- downloaded as PDF for better quality offline
  reading -> here
You will automatically receive a copy when requesting a catalogue or when purchasing from us.

The carcass is finished
Land Station Construction
The entire upper level is planned to become the diving base. The bakery and kitchen, as well as the refrectory and a number of utility rooms are going to be on the ground floor.

A bit shy because alone for a long time
No Winter Losses in the Lake
The sturgeons have come through the winter well, the slightly bigger safety distance to divers can be reduced. Schools of rudd of 50-100 individuals can be found in the temple area.
New: Pond Gallery
NaturaGart customers can now make their own photo album with images of the construction of their ponds.

New: Diving Gallery
Diving visitors of the NaturaGart Scuba Park can make photo albums of their dives.

Both galleries allow for sending greeting cards. Images can be commented and rated by signed-in visitors.