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There are few areas where so much money is wasted like at the interface between nature and technology. Those who want to save on personnel are quick to offer pseudo-solutions: "Just dig a hole!"

In reality the purely technical view often doesn't fit the biological conditions. If you want to do it right the first time, you'll need a bit more than a few meager words. NaturaGart has close to 700 pages - measured in normal a5 book-size pages - of instructions just for ponds.

Product + service is NaturaGart's basic business concept. And that is much more than just construction manuals.

The Range of Our Service
Our service begins in the planing phase and goes on to assistance during construction to the pre-sorting of plants.
For many woody plant and perennial plantings we supply several planting alternatives. Builing with NaturaGart avoids construction mistakes from the very start.
Limitations of Our Service
A fair service includes pointing out limits: If during high season 10 consultants are busy with customers and you come as the unannounced eleventh, ther'll be bottlenecks.
In those cases we need your co-operation: Either you make an appointment before hand or you accept waiting time.
Abuse of Our Service
Self service DIY stores are constantly reducing their personnel. Because they have no-one to ask, many try to purchase the products there and come here for free assistance. That's why we charge a fee for our planning aids and manuals, which are reimbursed when materials are purchased here.