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Pond Construction FAQs Print E-mail

Here we have compiled the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Simply click the subject you wish to know more about in the menu on the left.

Build it myself or hire a contractor? 
Here we answer the frequently asked questions about whether to build yourself or let someone build for you.

Questions about pond sealing.
This is where we answer questions about sealing a pond.
Questions about shore construction.
Here we answer frequently asked questions about shore construction.

Questions about pond plants.
Here we answer frequently asked questions about pond plants.

Questions about construction manuals.
Here we answer frequently asked questions about construction manuals.

Checklist for liner purchases.
Compare! What we tell you here about the NaturaGart construction materials you have black on white. This means that they are warranted properties that we are legally bound to deliver. Someone's oral promises often don't mean a lot. You should therefore examine things critically. Here is a list of questions you may want to ask.