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Working at NaturaGart
NaturaGart provides quality of life in our customers' gardens. This does not mean, however, that working at NaturaGart is all recreation. Quite on the contrary: As with all companies in the gardening sector, we have an extremely busy main season next to the rather quiet winter months.

Our working climate is comparatively relaxed. We address each other by first names and although there is a hierarchal structure, there is no constant pressure from above. This is not necessarily suitable for everyone, though. We have the very clear requirement to deliver top notch service to our clients - this includes products as well as services, advice and logistics. This earns us our position in the market and secures our jobs.

This disposition to deliver above average performance we also expect from you. If you came looking for a place to rest, this is not your company.

If you like to work in very attractive surroundings and do a very interesting job, then we would like to hear from you.

Working Hours:
During the main season it is impossible to get the work done in 8 hours. 1 - 2 hours of overtime accumulate per day, which are compensated with free time during the low season. We also accept part-time or seasonal contracts -  in this respect we are flexible. For full-time jobs we select employees according to their useful additional qualifications for the low season.
We pay what is usual in the sector, including incentives for the team and the single person.

Please do not send application folders! We are not prepared to pay for returning papers that we can ready just as well on the computer screen. Please send a short application with your c.v. and your level of education. Sketch out what you do best and what you prefer to do. Include your phone number - we will call you.

Note: All the described positions are located at the Ibbenbüren site. Please note that, whereas these pages have been translated into English for your convenience, perfect German, oral and written, is a prerequisite for all these job offers. Also, many of the German job descriptions and denominations have no direct equivalent in English, so please refer to the German description or denomination when in doubt.