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NaturaGart is an association of several companies that supply garden improvement products and services.
The manufacturing firm NaturaGart Deutschland GmbH & Co KG was founded in 1979. Its core competences are pond products: liners, water treatment, piers, pond plants, etc. NaturaGart's clients benefit from our more than 30 years of experience. During this time NaturaGart has supplied expertise and construction materials for more than 50,000 ponds. And currently this sum increases by more than 1,500 ponds every year, of which more than 500 are swimming ponds. NaturaGart supplies all over Europe. Spain is home to another NaturaGart company.

Headquarters of the German manufacturing firm in Ibbenbüren, close to Osnabrück, on an old Westfalian Estate on the southern slopes of the Teutoburg Forest.

Surrounding the large building complex, a park is being built to showcase the possible applications of the NaturaGart products.

The park puts on display ideas for natural garden landscaping with a strong focus on leisure time value. This includes piers, pavilions and many plants.
One of the most spectacular projects is the underwater park: the world's largest scuba diving lake ever built with liner.
NaturaGart has also built a brand new 40.000m² water wilderness, home to kingfishers, wild geese and many other animals.
On a year basis NaturaGart supplies building materials for over 1000 swimming ponds, as well as thousands of other ponds, directly to the end customer.
NaturaGart has prepared over 600 A5 pages' worth of construction manuals. The construction of many thousands of ponds has given rise to a unique pool of knowledge.
Our service extends to the supply of plants from our own nursery. Specialised in pond plants, we also supply perennials and woody plants.
NaturaGart employs about 100 people at its location in Ibbenbüren. This is a view of Administration with lots of IT integrated into a restored historic environment.
NaturaGart's success lies in its hands-on solutions: recommendations are not mere theory, but stem from extensive building experience with our own machinery.
The park is NaturaGart's ideal field laboratory. In an underwater room, visitors can observe 5ft sturgeons.
The particularly effective and inexpensive NaturaGart filtration technology was developed in such ponds.
Another department manufactures our aluminium profiles, which have proven nearly indestructible in pier construction.
In the NaturaGart metalworking shop these profiles are cut and bent for the construction of customised bridges.
NaturaGart reaches customers through a 164-page brochure that contains lots of information about ponds, pavilions and green roofs.
NaturaGart does not sell through commerce - only directly to the end customer. The direct contact, such as with these 'pond advisors' saves a lot of time and money.
In high season NaturaGart sends out various truck loads of material every day. Among these are over 5,000m² of pond liner and 20,000 plants.