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NaturaGart's clients benefit from our more than 30 years of experience. During this time NaturaGart has supplied expertise and construction materials for more than 50,000 ponds. And currently this sum increases by more than 1,500 ponds every year, of which more than 500 are swimming ponds.

These are the decisive advantages for NaturaGart customers:

supplies customers directly and therefore learns first hand if any problems arise. Every year NaturaGart supplies more than 1000 swimming ponds and several thousand other ponds.
NaturaGart for more quality of life in the garden.

For some, quality of life means exploding vitality...
...for others it lies in the calm restfulness of their own swimming pond.

Information Pool
Experiences made by our customers are collected in records which benefit other NaturaGart customers. This has lead extensive documentation.

Advantage: Good planning helps avoid construction mistakes.

Experience helps make a large building site smaller.
Expertise helps achieve crystal clear water.

NaturaGart Park
is building many ponds, a water wilderness and the worldwide largest artificial underwater landscape for scuba divers on a more than 100,000m² park.

Advantage: No theoretical desktop advice, but counsel learned through practice.

Company headquarters: the old estate in one part of the NaturaGart Park.
Our own machinery keeps us close to practice.

Directly from Factory and Nursery
The larges proportion of turnover is made with products that only we have. The range includes top quality liners, pier constructions and filtration technology.
Apart from that NaturaGart supplies many plants directly from the own nursery.

NaturaGart Pond Construction Shop

Advantage: especially good price to quality ratio.

We develop many products ourselves, such as filtration technology and aluminium profiles.
We supply complete service: from planning to building to planting.