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Exemplary Garden Ponds
This book was the starting point of the entire company: In the mid-80s a major fish feed group commissioned a book about garden ponds from the editorial office. But the manuscript was rejected. The justification: 'If all readers build their ponds as described in the book, the ponds will be stable by themselves and no-one will need our chemicals...'.

From the cancellation fees the first edition was printed. By 2007, 17 more editions had gone into print, totalling about 180,000 sold books.

After several revisions the book is now 256 pages strong with about 800 colour photos of many of NaturaGart customers' gardens.


With over 800 colour photographs on 256 pages an excellent price to quality ratio.

Clearly explained with many colour photos.

The following topics are covered:
- Ideas for building a pond.
- Conditions required for stability.
- A pond's subareas.
- Streams and waterfalls.
- Filtration systems.
- Animals and plants.

Only 10,80 Euros

Pond Planer
If you need further planning aid, you'll find the necessary basics in this Pond Planer. Every important point to be considered when building a pond is explained step by step. For every solution, various alternatives are presented and evaluated. It also includes a large cut-out sheet with many pond shapes and surrounding elements such as piers, bridges, and so on.

64 pages, about 100 plans and cut-out sheet

                           only 6,80 Euros

Please order your NaturaGart books here: NaturaGart Pond Construction Shop

Please note that currently all documenation is available only in German.  

Step by step explanations of your pond plans.
The best deal to get you started: All necessary information at an excellent price.

Pond Starter Package
  Exemplary Garden Ponds
+     Pond Planer
+     Garden Calendar
    with sowing timetable,
    flowering times,
    animal migrations, etc.
only 15,80 Euros instead of 20,40 Euros


Individual Planing Aid
Most customers build only one pond in life and like to be competently advised.
Initially, the NaturaGart planing service sends 3 drafts that help decide on the basic idea. Often this is followed by a telephone call to our pond advisers who explain the pros and cons of each option.

The plan of the property is scanned and edited on a computer.
We supply 3 drafts with different sizes and positions for the pond

Based on the decision for the basic concept a final draft is made. This includes further details which are represented in a way that allows you to picture the final result.

Additionally, NaturaGart will supply a rather detailed estimate for this draft. Normally this final draft is sufficient. NaturaGart customers find construction details in the manuals. We charge a fee of 30,00 Euros for the planing service which is credited against the purchase of the liner.

Detailed Pond Plan
The detailed plan shows the functionality of the filtering trenches and special planting areas.


This is how to plan:

  • A drawing of the property, max. A4 (21 x 30cm), black pen, white paper (not coloured drawing paper, if by fax, not in pencil)
  • House, terraces, seating areas, treetops, plot limits, paths
  • Compass points
  • Approximate heights (eg. terrace is height 0, back left +50, right -70cm)
  • Blocked areas (flower beds, maintenance shafts etc.)
  • Competing uses (playground, plant cultivation, etc)
  • Approximate budget


The Pool of Information
In about 3 decades we have supplied far over 50,000 ponds and have given concrete advice on tens of thousands of projects. This has given us superior insight. Technology aside, ponds also always have biological aspects.
This experience and our clients' tips have created a unique pool of information.

We regularly compile the experience gathered with our tens of thousands of clients into the 'Pond Workbook'.
In addition to that, there is the specific information about streams, swimming ponds, pond plants, etc. 

We regularly compile the experience gathered with our tens of thousands of clients into the 'Pond Workbook'.

In addition to that, there is the specific information about streams, swimming ponds, pond plants, etc.

Construction Manuals
If you have decided to use NaturaGart construction materials, you should request the detailed construction manuals.
In oder to avoid abuse, we supply these documents against a fee that is credited against the corresponding construction materials.
The same conditions apply as with DVDs, software and so on. They cannot be returned if the seal has been opened.Customers whom we do not know, are supplied the goods payable on delivery (p.o.d.).You can request the manuals here (German).

Please note that currently all documentation is available only in German.

This is how we credit the fees:
Pond Workbook
ponds of 2,5 x 3,5m or more surface area
Pond Workbook
+ Swimming Pond Manuals
ponds of 3,5 x 7,5m or more surface area
Biological Water Cleaning
Tubes from the filtering trench and dam-conduit
Pond Plants
15 pond plants or more
Streams, Wells, Water Features
from the smallest stream pump plus about 3m of tube
Can the fees be reimbursed any other way?
No! You profit from the unique pool of information that we have gathered with our customers. If you only buy your manuals from us, that helps subsidise that information pool. That is your contribution to our service.
And also: if you avoid only one error, the price for the manuals is well worth it.
Therefore the fees can only be credited against the corresponding materials. Find out more here


On-Site Information
We build this park so that visitors can gather ideas.
At a finished pond, however, it is not possible to see how it was built.
If you would like to have help in making decisions, you should seek aid from an adviser. Because on some days we have up to 3,000 visitors at the park, that may not be possible without registration - at least not in the necessary depth.
We therefore recommend to call us beforehand so that we can arrange things.

Practically all design elements have been built into the show ponds.
The best thing is:
If you first read the construction manual, you can concentrate on the questions that are left.
If you have not read the manuals then the adviser cannot explain the things that are written and pictured there.
Such conversations often go around in circles, because the basic knowledge cannot be gathered in such a shot time. In our experience such conversations tend to be far less productive.

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