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Good Pumps and Bad Pumps
There are many different types of pumps.
In order to move 60 litres of water per minute some need 800 Watts, others do it with 50.

At 1,000 operating hours per year - and identical performance - one consumes electricity worth 136 Euros, the other only 8,50 Euros.


Different Service Lives
Many so-called 'basement evacuation pumps' have a life expectancy of between 1,000 and 2,000 hours - a good pond pump has 20,000 to 30,000 hours.

We know installations that were 20 times more expensive than necessary simply because they used the wrong pumps.  

Purchase and Operating Costs
To lift 10 liters of water one metre in one minute, investment costs vary between 20 and 90 Euros for 'good' pumps.
Also the operating costs are important: The electricity consumption to lift 10 litres 1 metre in one minute lie between 7 and 25 Watts.

The Overall Concept is Important
When the wrong pump is fitted with the wrong pipes, the costs for moving the same same volume of water can easily go up by several hundred Euros.
We see this time and time again.
There is no pump
that fits all needs!
It is only ever good
for a determined function,
flow rate and head.


Price Comparison
55l/minute, 1m high
The intelligent solution:
Pump 204,00 Euros, 45 Watts,
service life 30,000 hours.
Total costs: about 433,00 Euros

Bad solution:
Pump 50,00 Euros, 500 Watts,
service life 2,000 hours
Total costs for 30,000 hours: about 2,800.00 Euros

Based on 0,17 Euros/kWh


Determine Precise Requirements Pumps are build for a special purpose and are only economical to operate under these conditions.To choose the right pump the data for this purpose must be given, head and flow rates.Find the performance diagrams for many pump types here.

You can order pumps here.
Pumps and Conservation
Before, only fountain pumps with small suction openings existed. With the rising popularity of streams and filters pumps were developed that could move 8-10mm large particles. This, however, turns them into deadly traps for hundreds of thousands of newts, dragonfly larvae and many other animals. The NaturaGart concept avoids these losses.
Dispense with Casings
If you install the pump in a NaturaGart well, you can often do away with expensive designed pump cases. Therefore NaturaGart supplies the pump bodies at a significantly reduced price.
A precondition is, of course, that the suction opening is protected against foreign objects with a pre-filter.

Find the different types here.
The standard NaturaGart pumps, together with the pump wells and large suction pre-filters form an optimal system.
Pump Location
In most cases the operation of pond pumps falls under a special regulation that was originally meant for completely different situations.
If you want to build you pond according to VDE-regulations you will ind more information in the brochure about streams and the page on pump wells.

NaturaGart Knowledge
If you purchase your pump technology from NaturaGart, you receive a free, 64-page brochure about

construction of
streams, springs
and water features.


If you would like to have the brochure before hand, you can request it with a coupon for a fee.