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This is What Others Do
In many ponds a floor drain is installed, not thinking about the fact that the pipes cannot be reached without demolishing the pond.
Others install a pump in the water, even though it is illegal for many ponds, and fish, such as sturgeon, don't tolerate this very well. When the pump silts up it has to be extracted from the water, tubes and all, which can damage plants and decoration. 

Detritus lies on the ground like a brown veil that with time is compacted into black mud.
Fish and/or bathers disturb the mud - the nutrients it contains aid the algae.
Better Think Than Pump
In larger ponds suction has to take place in various spots. Additionally 1-2 skimmers are recommended. Some install several pumps to do this, which costs a lot to buy and to run.
With the Target Suction Technology developed by NaturaGart, suction can take place from several points, plus skimmers can be employed, using a single pump.
The construction principle is to have pipes from different suction points lead to a well, from where the water is pumped to the springs.
Example 1: The well sits close to the shore for easy access, 2 pipes go to the suction points under water. Here the pumps is inside the well. Swirled up sediment drifts to the suction points and leaves the pond. For this situation we supply 12V pumps that comply with all safety regulations.
Example 2: The well is installed at the junction point to a filtering trench.
Example 3: The pipes lead from the deep part of the pond to a well.
Seen from the land side: The well stands on the shore and is easily accessible.
And this is how the Target Suction Technology works:
Many don't believe that it actually works. But it is based on the physical principle of communicating vessels:
If two receptacles are connected under water, the water level in both is equal.
Without the pump working the water level is the same in the pond and the well. 
Switching on the pump causes the water level in the well to drop immediately. 
Opening the gate valve allows to easily control flow into the well.

Two possible variations
The pump can be installed directly inside the well. Water is then transported from the well to a spring.
The well can also be connected to the NaturaGart filtering trench with a large pipe. If water is pumped out of the trench, the water level sinks in the well, and water flows in through the openings.
AA pump is installed at the end of the filtering trench in a separate well. Trench and well have the same level of water. When the pump is working, the water level in the well falls and water flow in through he pipes.
A view into the collector well: At the top is the pipe to the filtering trench, below is the gate valve for regulation of flow through the suction pipes.
The Products
The collector wells have a ground surface of 30 x 40cm.
The can be supplied as pump wells for direct pump installation or as suction wells for connection to the filtering trench. Both come in heights of 31 or 61cm. Read more about them here.
The suction pipes usually have a diameter of 75cm. At the lower end is a suction basket that prevents fish and leaves from getting in. Read more about it here.
These wells were developed by NaturaGart. We supply them standard with 3 gate valves and plugs for two additional gate valves. This means that they can suction from 5 separate areas.
At the end of the suction pipe is a meshed tube that acts as a pre-filter. For suction wells the one with larger holes is used, for pump wells we usually supply the one with smaller holes.
Advantages of the Target Suction Technology
Without: Pump stands on the bottom of the pond.
With: Easily accessible from the shore.
Without: To clean, the pump has to be pulled out with pipes and cables.
With: Pump is easily accessed from the shore. No de-installation.
Without: Normally only one suction point.
With: Works at several spots.
Without: Flow regulation at the bottom of the pond.
With: Flow regulation from the shore.
Without: Complex pump casing.
With: No need for pump casing.
Without: Second pump for skimmer.
With: One pump suffices!
Standard Pumps
The NaturaGart pumps don't have designed cases that anyway don't interest fish or frogs.
From our point of view in a pond only one thing is important:
A pump has to pump!

Functionality was our main concern for the NaturaGart range of pumps.

The most important difference:
We do away with the expensive case that you don't need anyway in a pump well. This makes them so inexpensive that the well itself hardly causes extra costs.

Obviously they make rational use of power and have ideal head-to-flow ratios.

Read more about the NaturaGart standard pumps here.


Well installation for a rennovation. The pipes are camouflaged and well and pipes are later covered with stones.

Price Comparison
Pump and collection well cost about 300,00 Euros together. Suction can be installed for 3 different points with this.

The alternative is to install 3 pumps which will  cost at least twice as mucn and use much more power, too.