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Mini Algae Despite Filter
If the filter fishes out all algae of a certain size, further influx of nutrients will only allow the smallest of algae to proliferate.
They are smaller than the finest pores in the filter and cause a greenish veil. If you have very high water quality requirements, a UV-system is recommended.

UV - The Algae Killer  
The UV light causes these mini algae to clump together. This makes the groups of cells large enough for the filtering media to hold back.
Hence, the term 'UV-Filter' is incorrect, since the light itself filters nothing; it merely increases the filters' effectivity.
The correct order is:
Pump -> UV system -> filter
Contact Time is Important
Mini UV systems are often useless because when using a pump that transports 50 liters per minute, the speed of flow in a 1" pipe is about 1,6m per second. Contact time is about 0.1 seconds - a mere flash of light.
If contact time is to be prolonged then the best is to use longer pipes.

UV Resistant Algae
If you are not accustomed to the sun and you sunbathe for too long you get sunburn. If you slowly let your skin get used to the sun, you won't have this problem, because the skin builds up defense mechanisms.
The same is true for algae. Too small a UV system will let them get used to the light.
As a consequence they become resistant to the radiation.
Spare Parts Supply
We often have customers looking for exotic lamps or extravagant lamp holders. Manufacturers often change these so that you are forced to buy a completely new unit. Getting spare parts can be very difficult.
Our systems use a standard Phillips UV-C tube that can be purchased anywhere. 
Winter Bypass
In winter is has to be possible to switch off a UV system - but also in the summer, when water quality is satisfactory. If you simply pull the plug, water remains inside the lamp and the tube will grow over with algae and these will block the light when the lamp is reconnected. Therefore, with every UV system,  we supply a kit to bypass the UV lamp easily and quickly.


UV Makes Sense
If you have fish you want to see them. Hi requirements as to visibility mean that you need a system including the UV. But then use the right one!
If you save at the wrong end and buy a too weak or irreparable lamp you may as well not buy it at all.

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UV system mounted on a wall. Subsequently the water is distributed to two NaturaGart filters.
NaturaGart scope of supply: UV system with 'winter bypass' and all fittings. If we know your installation then we choose the fittings for you. If not, please let us know the diameter of your pipes.