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Clean Water Surface
During some seasons the pond is covered with pollen, petals and other suspended matter.
This debris usually floats for a few days and then sinks to the ground of the pond. If it is collected before that happens, the whole decomposition process at the bottom of the pond doesn't even begin to take place.
The implements that keep the water's surface clean are called skimmers.
On some days masses of pollen fall onto the water surface...
...or other vegetable debris such as the bud shells of beeches.

Floating Layer
In spring, tiny bubbles of gas that transport single particles to the surface are produced in the ground sludge. At a later stage bacteria begin to grow on them and form an oily layer on the water. Sometimes this layer forms every day during the evenings. The only remedy for these effects is a skimmer.

In between the particles the thin layer of bacteria is visible.
A skimmer sucks in water that has to be taken to a filter.

New Construction and Upgrading
If you have installed the NaturaGart Target Suction Technology it is easy to include a skimmer. Standing models are usually installed permanently, but it may be necessary to remove them in the winter. About 10cm of variation in the water level is compensated by a swimming ring. The alternative is a swimming skimmer that can easily be installed into existing ponds.

The water is pumped from the skimmer and flows back in over the edge.
NaturaGart liefert Skimmer von Bierdeckel- bis ´Tischgröße´.
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