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Compare! What we say here about NaturaGart construction materials you have black on white. That is a warranted property as per the law. Someone's oral promises are comparatively worthless. Therefore, evaluate critically. These are some recommendations for your list of questions:

What experience does your partner have? more than 25 years
How many pages is their manual?*1 more than 600 pages  
How big is the company? about 100 employees  
Do they have own practical experience?*2 NaturaGart-Park  
How many ponds have their clients built?*3 50,000 and increasing by 1,500 per year.
Consulting and planing aid?*4 No extra cost
Direct or dealer? Factory direct
green NaturaGart Liner 

Cold resistance?*5 minus 45°C  
Tear resistance and elasticity? All above DIN  
Multi-layer? Yes
Uniform thickness (no impressed structure)? Yes
Stabilised against how many hours UV? 3,000  
Free of reclaimed materials? Yes
Warranty? 15-25 years  
High grade formula? Yes
Country of manufacturing? Germany  
Cost-saving custome sizes? Yes  
Proof of manufacturing impressed on seams? Yes: NaturaGart